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Relocation Rental Resources
Carolyn P. Hansen, Inc.
tel. 612-670-9338

Please note compensation to the Broker shall be:
*$50 Non-Refundable One Time Entrance Fee
~Payable to: Relocation Rental Resources
*$750 to be held in the file for If and When the Property is rented by Relocation Rental Resources
~Payable to: Relocation Rental Resources

Owner’s Leasing Contract


This Contract is between Relocation Rental Resources, a Management Company owned and operated by Carolyn P. Hansen, Inc. to be called THE BROKER, AND , herein called THE OWNERS.

Whereas the Broker shall provide Rental Leasing Services to the Owners of the residential properties;

Whereas the Owner owns and has the authority to enter into this exclusive agreement on the residential property(ies) below;

Whereas the Broker shall enter into an exclusive agreement to provide such services following the terms and conditions forthwith;

The services shall apply to the following property address(s):

#1 Owner gives the Broker the following authority and powers for leasing:
a. To market the property for rent
b. To screen prospective tenants including credit, income verification, rent history and criminal background checks
c. To collect Security Deposits from Renters
d. To prepare leases for the property(ies).

#2OWNER agrees to assume ALL EXPENSES incurred in connection with the following:
a. Collecting the rents
b. Liability involving Non-Homestead Taxes & Insurance for the property. Owners have been advised by their Tax Advisors.
c. Maintaining the exterior of the home including lawn maintenance and snow removal.
d. Owner understands that it is his/her responsibility to acquire a Rental license if required by the City where the property is located.
e. Owner understands that Landlords are required to notify
Tenants that the Landlords & Tenants Rights & Responsi-
bilities Handbook is available to them, MN Statute 504B.
181 subd.2(b) (1999).
f. Owner understands neither they nor the Broker may discriminate
agains a renter on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, sex, national
origin, marital status, familial status, disability or status with respect to
public assistance or sexual orientation.
g.The home shall be in Move-in condition prior to the tenant moving in. Any agreement involving furnishings shall be under a separate agreement. An INSPECTION Walk-thru shall be performed with Owner, Broker and Tenant prior to tenant moving in to be held in a file and reviewed when tenant moves out.
h. Owner agrees to disclose any hazardous condition in the home.
i. HOLD HARMLESS-Owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Relocation Rentals and its Brokers/Agents against all costs, damages, attorney fees, expenses or liabilities Broker/Agent may incur or sustain in connection with any lawsuit arising from the Lease Agreement and will pay same on demand.
j. Owner shall be liable for and shall pay all legal costs, for any collections proceedings under this leasing contract.

Compensation to the Broker shall be:
*$750 Sign-up Fee
*$150/mo Management Fee (if this option is chosen) See MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT.





Home Owner's Physical Address

City, State, Zip

Home Owner's Current Home Telephone Number

Home Owner's Current Mobile Telephone Number

Home Owner's Email Address


A signature is required so after you submit this form, please print and mail it to:
Relocation Rental Resources
909 Oakgreen Ave N
Stillwater, MN 55082
with the $50 Entrance Fee and $750 Renters Finders Fee Check (to be deposited only upon the signing of a Rental Lease with Relocation Rental Resources).

Carolyn P. Hansen Inc. - - 909 Oakgreen Avenue North - Stillwater, MN 55082
Phone: 612-670-9338   Email:

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